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An innovative brand that has revolutionized the textile and fashion industry, THINDOWN is the brainchild of Paolo Bodo: an ecological revolution with the world’s first patented 100% natural feather fabric. Easy to care for, biodegradable, and eco-friendly, Thindown represents the new frontier of style, inviting us to explore new dimensions marked by versatility.

Sportswear inspirations blend with uncharted landscapes in a celebration of innovation and experimentation: a triumph of comfort, softness, and protection from the cold. With production entirely made in Italy, the brand is poised to revolutionize outerwear and prêt-à-porter fashion.

This highly technological fabric is distinguished by its even distribution of feathers and the absence of seams, factors that prevent material leakage and, consequently, heat dispersion. It’s a material with enormous potential and a wide range of applications, not only in clothing but also in high-end interior design.

the first and only feather fabric

no more limits from now on


From its homepage, the website conveys a sense of modernity and innovation through its choice of colors and a dynamic graphic interface, comprised of various elements such as lightboxes and semi-transparent sections that come to life when the mouse hovers over them. They alternate and overlap, capturing the visitor’s attention on different aspects of the project.

the istitutional website

The website stands out for its extensive use of highly explanatory images, which immediately convey the product’s features and the essence of the project. For example, the initial images that contrast traditional feathers with Thindown fabric, or the video at the bottom of the homepage that engages and moves the visitor, immersing them in the world of Thindown within seconds. As you continue to scroll down the page, four boxes describe the main characteristics of this unique material: warmth, comfort, easy care, and thermal insulation. Once again, images take the lead, and the text serves only to reinforce the concepts conveyed by them.

the advantages of Thindown

Further down the page, three large animated banners highlight the benefits of using this revolutionary material and its extreme versatility. Thindown can be used to fill any type of garment, not just down jackets but also classic jackets, not just outerwear but also sweaters and hoodies. It can be paired with any fabric, including cashmere, cotton, jersey, and even leather. It enables the creation of any design, not limited to horizontal stitching but also smooth quilting and any type of quilting pattern.

100% responsive

Thindown is indeed a ‘disruptive’ project, as Paolo Bodo, CEO of Nipi, likes to define it, bringing a major innovation to the textile and fashion world. However, the revolution is just beginning, and the AEFFE Lab team is excited to be a part of the growth of this project in some way!

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