Nadia Manzato

Nadia Manzato, a brand created by the designer of the same name, departs from the classic designs associated with the bridal world and imparts her own unique stylistic touch to her creations. Her goal is to give voice to all those brides seeking a fresh and modern garment with a delicate and refined style for their wedding. Particular attention is paid to fabrics, lace, and handcrafted finishes, all created in the designer’s atelier, following the finest artisanal traditions. The brand is a true Made in Italy excellence and one of the emerging and successful bridal labels.

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AEFFE Lab has captured Nadia Manzato’s desire for novelty and freshness in a world deeply rooted in tradition, creating a B2C e-commerce site that easily delivers her wedding dresses worldwide. The site’s style aligns with that of the brand: elegant, modern, refined, and simple. Navigation is straightforward and intuitive, allowing for easy transitions between an extensive photo gallery showcasing the new collection and a collection of the most beautiful shots of brides who have chosen a Nadia Manzato gown. The site is bilingual, as required for an internationally renowned brand like this.

We have meticulously handled all aspects of web design: from a User Interface that ensures site usability in line with the target audience to a User Experience designed to provide maximum flexibility in size customization.

size customization

The most innovative feature of Nadia Manzato’s e-commerce site was developed to address the unique needs of bridal products: online size customization. One of the most significant challenges in purchasing a wedding dress lies in taking measurements, which is typically done in person by the atelier’s seamstress. But what if this option is not available due to geographic distance?

Here’s the solution: for every dress available on the shop, users have the option to choose between customizing standard sizes or directly entering their own measurements. This initiates a customer journey tailored to the future bride: there is a guide for each field where measurements are entered, assisting and instructing the user on the correct procedure for obtaining a completely customized gown. There are two available paths: you can customize the standard size by answering a few simple questions or enter your own measurements for each required dimension. The User Experience, continuous integration, data analysis, and solutions have created a truly innovative project that combines e-commerce automation with artisanal craftsmanship made exclusively to order.

social media marketing

In addition to designing and creating the B2C e-commerce site, AEFFE Lab also manages the brand’s Social Media Marketing activities. Through social networks, all of Nadia Manzato’s values are conveyed. Various channels are followed, each with a well-defined strategy. The delicacy, timeless elegance, craftsmanship, and modernity shine through in the copy and images. The presence is carefully maintained to ensure continuous growth in brand awareness, and sales are stimulated through targeted advertising campaigns. All of these actions, combined with consistent community management, help users move beyond the consideration phase, go beyond conversion, and become true ambassadors

seo optimization

The site is continuously evolving to ensure excellent search engine rankings in response to user queries. Starting with an in-depth study of the most commonly used keywords in relation to the relevant industry and the specific brand, AEFFE Lab optimizes website pages to make content more accessible and easier to find. This ensures that the search for a wedding dress is an unforgettable experience even online.

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