Gimo’s is a unique Italian brand known for its high-quality leather outerwear. Over the years, it has maintained the winning combination of precious fabrics and leathers with contemporary cuts and innovative looks. Founded in 1968 as a family-run workshop specializing in leather garments for men and women, it has grown steadily and reached its current structure since 1975, thanks to its founder, Renzo Girardin. From the very beginning, Gimo’s has focused on high-quality materials and production, remaining true to traditional Italian methods of leather garment manufacturing while also embracing innovative techniques and fashion trends. Today, Gimo’s boasts over 40 years of expertise in the fashion-luxury sector, seamlessly blending stylistic and technological research with tradition and the high quality of Made in Italy.


For Gimo’s, Aeffe Lab has crafted a contemporary and elegant website, tailor-made to perfection. The homepage features a seamless blend of images and graphics, giving the site a sartorial and minimalist design. The strong brand identity associated with the concept of ‘advanced urbanist‘ is accentuated by key details such as the alternating impactful text and photos, the use of black and white as the sole colors of the site, and the clean and refined style of icons, all developed on the same communicative plane. All major site categories are easily accessible from the main menu, designed with a mobile-first approach. In addition to the brand category, the menu also includes sections for a blog and collection presentations.

e-commerce b2c

More than just a showcase, the Gimo’s website is a B2C e-commerce platform that embodies the brand’s contemporary approach, offering everyone the opportunity to purchase elegantly urban clothing. In the ‘Shop Online’ category, navigation is structured into two sections. On the left, videos showcase the three-dimensionality of each garment, while on the right, users can scroll through all available items for purchase. 

Product pages feature ample space for photographs and descriptions, with prominent shopping buttons. Each product page includes a detailed size guide, rich in information. Users have the option to make purchases by creating their own account or by using social login via Facebook and/or Google. They can also complete their purchases using various payment methods, facilitated by a clear and intuitive customer journey. Aeffe Lab also manages the online Customer Care, providing users with multi-channel and multi-language support, both pre and post-purchase.”

digital advertising

For Gimo’s, Aeffe Lab also manages digital advertising activities: the carefully crafted strategy is well-defined and aims to engage and inspire a male audience across a wide age range who value the quality of the products they wear, both in Italy and abroad. Gimo’s presents itself on major social networks and digital channels as a luxury brand in tune with the times, thanks to consistent and elegant communication, characterized by a minimalist and sophisticated approach. In particular, Aeffe Lab designs, manages, and monitors Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns, always aiming to maximize the shared KPIs with the brand.

Through digital advertising campaigns, Gimo’s communicates the brand concept, ensuring it meets the expectations of the target audience.

seo optimization

To improve the SEO visibility of the Gimo’s brand, Aeffe Lab has conducted a thorough analysis of the online outerwear market and the product navigation and search patterns of the target audience. Based on a preliminary study of the brand’s positioning relative to key reference keywords and major online competitors, an SEO strategy was developed to enhance the site’s presence in search engines and provide a better web experience for users. 

Organic traffic is stimulated through image optimization, link analysis, and category classification. A carefully curated content creation, featuring detailed and regularly updated product descriptions that highlight the product’s features and strengths, reinforces the strategy and technical optimization. SEO is an ongoing effort: keyword performance and market trends are monitored to ensure continuous optimization.

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