Refrigiwear is a brand with Italian style and American character. Founded in 1954 in New York City by two American entrepreneurs, it emerged as a groundbreaking innovation in workwear to meet the needs of workers in the refrigerated cells of the Meatpacking District. In the 2000s, the brand ownership became Italian and introduced a collection of technical garments, especially jackets, with a strong sportswear influence and Italian design. Today, Refrigiwear boasts over 30 years of expertise in the fashion industry, successfully blending style and functionality, delivering high-performance products, a strong identity, and continuous innovation

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For Refrigiwear, AEFFE Lab has created an innovative and modern B2C e-commerce platform, tailor-made: graphics and videos alternate on the homepage, giving the site a bold and captivating design.

The strong brand identity is accentuated by details such as the logo label in the menu, the ice effect in the header, the widget displaying temperatures of major international cities, or the work and vintage-style icons, all developed in the brand’s distinctive colors. All major site categories are immediately accessible through the mega-menu and large boxes on the homepage, designed with a mobile-first approach. Product pages provide ample space for photos and descriptions, always highlighting the shop buttons.

As AEFFE Lab, we take care of site management and customer service, providing multichannel customer support to assist and satisfy users in every stage of the purchase.


To improve the SEO visibility of the Refrigiwear brand, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of the online outerwear market and the browsing and search patterns of the target audience. Based on a preliminary study of the brand’s positioning relative to key reference keywords and major online competitors, we developed an SEO strategy aimed at enhancing the website’s online presence and providing a better online experience for users.

We stimulate organic traffic through image optimization, link analysis, and category classification. A carefully curated content creation, featuring detailed and regularly updated product descriptions that highlight the product’s features and strengths, reinforces the strategy and technical optimization. SEO is an ongoing effort: we monitor keyword performance and market trends to ensure continuous optimization.


Not just online. We experiment with hybrid forms of e-commerce for Refrigiwear that can be experienced directly in the physical store, creating a seamless connection from offline to online. AEFFE Lab has designed a touch-screen sales system that can be used in the store for those who want to browse the entire brand’s assortment. The entire catalog from the e-commerce website and the retail network is available on the digital kiosk. What’s unique about this system is that once a product is added to the cart, customers can complete the purchase on their smartphones by adding all their personal data, ensuring full privacy.

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