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CR7 Footwear is the brand of footwear launched by the renowned footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. It’s a collection that combines a passion for sports and style, designed for the contemporary man who is dynamic and cosmopolitan, valuing freedom while staying attuned to fashion trends.

The CR7 Shoes collection includes various models, both for indoor and outdoor use, ranging from classic and formal styles to trendy and versatile options. It complements the previous menswear collection that was launched in 2015, offering a luxury total look, and is accompanied by an accessories line, including bags, wallets, and belts.

b2b support for sales network

The design and development of the B2B website were born out of the need to provide the sales network and the highly selective stores where the brand is currently distributed with a simple and effective tool that facilitates order collection.

It’s a virtual store that is always open, every day, at all hours, allowing users to check product availability, place orders in real-time, and track order status. This ensures better service for both the stores and the end customers.

The website is responsive, designed with a mobile-first approach, tailored to the specific needs of the sales team, who often work on the go and access sales processes from various devices, not just desktops but especially smartphones or tablets, to be closer to consumers.

the benefits of b2b

Efficiency: Optimization of the order management process through digitalization, leading to a significant reduction in error margins.

Cost Savings: Reduced order acquisition times and access to commercial information for agents and/or customers, resulting in cost reductions.

Productivity: Customized online catalog management based on specific authorizations (price lists, special discounts, visible catalog sections) updated in real-time, without time limitations, including real-time inventory tracking.

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