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7camicie, the historic Italian brand specializing in men’s, women’s, and children’s shirts, has been offering collections focused on comfort and perfect fit since 1980. Their products are designed to meet the market’s needs, spanning from classic to casual to fashion shirts. 7camicie is known for its constant research, experimentation, and the quality of its collections.

As a leader in the shirt industry, the brand has reinterpreted the quintessential wardrobe staple with a fresh perspective that looks towards the future. 7Camicie boasts the largest franchising network in its sector, with hundreds of stores across four continents, and its style is beloved worldwide. They have entrusted their online shop to AEFFE Lab, emphasizing their commitment to expanding their presence in the digital realm.

purchasing from 7camicie's online shop has become an even easier and more enjoyable experience

The homepage opens with a large slider featuring a video showcasing a brief runway of men’s and women’s shirt collections. Further down, an entire section is dedicated to category banners that link directly to catalog pages. Just like in a physical store, the online shop sets up its virtual showcase, displaying the wide range of products.

But the major innovation lies in the catalog and product pages, which feature new content and functionalities to make the shopping experience on the website easier and more enjoyable. The catalog page introduces new search filters. There are many selection possibilities: color, size, model, style, pattern, collar type, buttons, etc., and the viewing mode is also new. The product sheet has also been enriched with content to ensure that visitors can find all the necessary information about the products, such as a detailed description of the models and fabrics.

The Model Guide, for example, provides detailed information about each model through photographic, video, and textual material. The Shop by Size module, on the other hand, allows users to filter shirts available in the selected size by selecting the size.

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