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AEFFE Lab is an e-commerce specialized agency, which boasts a consolidated experience in digital marketing and B2B / B2C projects. Our services include full outsourcing e-commerce solutions with an omnichannel approach, brand promotion through digital marketing, brand development and growth strategies through identity design, retail expertise and business intelligence.

We believe that each customer is unique and we translate the vision of each brand by transforming their needs and requirements into a tailor-made product, to guarantee customized graphic solutions and an optimal user experience. Resourcefulness, passion, attention to detail and innovation have always been the values that distinguish our company philosophy, which places the customer in the foreground.


Synergy, sharing, constructive comparison, attention to detail, versatility and speed are the traits that distinguish our team members, made up of people with proven experience in online sales and Fashion & Retail. We’re always ready to face neW adventures together with our partners.


CEO of AEFFELab, Angela manages the general coordination of the company. Engineer and Project Manager with strong analytical skills, she specializes in Fashion & Retail; over the years she has worked on the development of ERP software for a multi-brand multinational, including Sixty Group. Her passion for cooking always leads her to experiment and create surprising combinations, an approach that Angela also uses in the technological field, where she loves to take on new challenges and develop original, often unusual, solutions.


Founder of AEFFE Lab, Fabio is responsible for the Web Development and Creativity sector. Web designer and developer, during his career he has worked in the IT of food companies, such as De Cecco Spa, and in fashion retail: in this sector he worked for many years as ICT Manager of the Sixty Group. By managing infrastructural, multichannel and multinational systems, Fabio has developed leadership skills. His passions include design and music, which like any art combine aesthetics and emotion with the rationality of codes and numbers.


Founder of AEFFE Lab, Antonella manages the areas of Digital Marketing and Customer Care. Digital Marketing and Communication Manager, is an expert in network processes and online sales. In the field of Fashion & Retail, he has gained a multi-year and multi-functional expertise in the Sixty Group, carrying out functions in international commercial areas, in B2B e-commerce and in customer service and sales support. His passion for digital reflects his personality, which is constantly evolving and transforming.