S. Moritz

S. Moritz is a historic clothing brand that originated in the 1970s and boasts a long tradition in the high-end knitwear sector. S. Moritz garments look to the future while drawing inspiration from the brand’s past: technique, craftsmanship, and quality. It’s a men’s knitwear collection entirely Made in Italy, with a special focus on details and a selection of natural colors and yarns.

tailored e-commerce / our contribution

For S. Moritz, we have created an impactful and engaging e-commerce website that provides a seamless and intuitive browsing experience, designed following a funnel model that facilitates a natural purchasing process.

The homepage offers a comprehensive overview of the entire collection and tells the brand story through large images where the product is the main focus. The mega menu is designed to be simple and straightforward, offering four filters based on the type of sweater desired, the mood related to the occasion of use, the material, and the color.

Product pages provide a detailed description of each garment, with high-resolution photos that can be zoomed in for a closer look, and text-rich information.

digital marketing

For S. Moritz, we also manage digital marketing activities. The strategy devised by Aeffe Lab is well-defined and aims to engage and inspire a male audience of a wide age range who values the quality of the products they wear, both in Italy and abroad. S. Moritz presents itself on major social networks as a brand that keeps up with the times, thanks to a linear and classic feed that is never boring.

100% responsive

Smoritz.it is a website primarily designed to accommodate the mobile customer journey: the light colors and bright graphics make reading easy and facilitate the use of all e-commerce features on all devices.

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