HITZONE is an Italian brand that places the personal lifestyle of e-Mobility enthusiasts at the heart of its vision, creating a perfect match between high-performance materials and refined style. Catria Confezioni, the company that produces and distributes the brand, has been active in the fashion market for over 40 years and strongly believes in this new way of dressing, designed to ensure the free expression of oneself.

HITZONE embraces the new concept of Business Routine, with a special focus on pants, catering to the needs of those who want to look perfect for every occasion, from morning to night. The fabrics chosen for the collections are carefully selected to provide maximum comfort: breathable, high-quality materials such as tecno wool, gabardine, double stretch, and denim, which guarantee a slim fit and are also ideal for travel. It offers smart and new urban design clothing to ensure a polished look throughout daily activities, from work to city mobility, without compromising on versatility, comfort, and style.


AEFFE Lab has understood the need to communicate the new concept of HITZONE by creating a website in a full new urban style with a smart design, tailor-made for the brand. The strong brand identity is enhanced by high-impact images, the use of black and white with alternating blue details, and clean, smartly designed icons, all developed on the same communication plane. All the main categories of the website are immediately accessible from the side-opening main menu, designed with a mobile-first perspective.

The HITZONE website is a B2C e-commerce platform that conveys the brand’s contemporary approach, offering everyone the opportunity to purchase an ideal garment for any time of day. The product pages prioritize photographs, prominently featuring the shop buttons. Users have the option to create their own account and can complete their purchases using various payment methods, through a clear and intuitive customer journey.

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In addition to designing and creating the B2C e-commerce website, Aeffe Lab also manages the brand’s Social Media Marketing activities. Through social networks, HITZONE’s values and vision are conveyed. Several channels are followed, each with a well-defined strategy.

The copy and images communicate the concept of new mobility that makes HITZONE unique, with a heavy emphasis on video formats. The presence is carefully maintained and continuous to ensure ongoing growth in brand awareness, and sales are stimulated through targeted advertising campaigns. All these actions, combined with consistent community management, help users move beyond the consideration phase, convert, and become true Ambassadors for the brand.

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