Guscio focuses on omnichannel to be closer to the customer

Guscio, the renowned brand specializing in designing and selling stylish cases for customizing smartphones and tablets, has entrusted AEFFE Lab with the revamp of its e-commerce website. The goal was to enhance user experience and ensure a seamless shopping experience that bridges the gap between online and offline channels.

the challenge

Guscio continues its digital transformation journey by focusing on integrating various sales channels. The primary goal is to place the consumer at the center of the purchasing process, enabling them to interact with the company through various touchpoints to provide an optimal experience on both digital and traditional channels, with a seamless transition between them.

integrated management between online and offline

In addition to the redesign of the graphical interface to make the navigation path more intuitive, easy, and fast, AEFFE Lab designed a unified omnichannel ecosystem for Guscio in which the boundaries between e-commerce and retail have been significantly blurred. For this ambitious project, they were able to rely on the valuable collaboration of the technology partner Motus, the company that designed and developed TenPro, the management system for retail chains, fully compatible with e-commerce platforms.

data synchronization between e-commerce and retail

All touchpoints, the Online Shop, the Physical Stores, and the company’s management system are closely interconnected with each other in a continuous exchange of data. For instance, warehouse inventories are synchronized: the store warehouses, the central warehouse, and the online warehouse are integrated to display product availability that is always up-to-date and reliable, accessible from any device and on any touchpoint at any given moment. This allows the consumer to make online purchases and pick up their order in-store or buy from the Online Shop and choose to have the merchandise delivered from the nearest store.

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