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Style, quality and eccellence have always characterized the world of Pirelli: established in 2002, PZero project’s trademark is in its minimalist design and sober colour palettes.

Blending cutting-edge technology with a respect for tradition and high quality Italian craftsmanship as well as a love of sport, Pirelli PZero includes a sportswear line with a strong and well defined identity and accessories such as the exclusive watches and running shoes, which reproduce in their soles the tire invented by Pirelli for the Ferrari F40.

Faithful to the heritage of Pirelli, the PZero line focuses on the originality of its models, the choice of precious materials and technological innovation, for a style full of metropolitan suggestions and sophisticated details.

And the e-commerce site reflects the spirit that identifies Pirelli: elegance, innovation, love of sport. All this is expressed through a linear graphics, a minimalist design and sober colour palettes: white, gray, black which remind the world of the road and circuit.

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AEFFE Lab Portfolio Pirelli PZero B2C Business To Consumer

The homepage welcomes visitors through the large sliders with a strong graphic impact that immerse them immediately in the mood of the Pirelli world. The images and pictures are large, stand out against the white background, highlighting the products.

Great attention was paid to the user experience: from the homepage you can directly access the photo catalogue, the single categories or the products on promotion.

AEFFE Lab Portfolio Pirelli PZero B2C Business To Consumer


AEFFE Lab Portfolio Pirelli PZero B2C Business To Consumer Catalogo

The catalogue is divided into three sections dedicated to the main themes: Sottozero, named after the winter tire, is the central theme, linked to the world of the street. This collection proposes the design of the tires in the shoes’ soles and in the quilted jackets. Urban Driving is the urban theme, inspired by the modern towns reality.

Footwear and jackets are characterized by the use of technical materials to ensure maximum comfort and protection from the cold.
The theme Sport Inspired reinterprets sport specific character of the Pirelli brand. An explosion of colours, yellow, green, blue, red with bright sneakers and the superlight down jackets.

AEFFE Lab Portfolio Pirelli PZero B2C Business To Consumer Catalogo


Finally, the blog, the section dedicated to the latest events and special projects of the brand, full of ideas and continuous updates through its link to the
corporate website, the
Pirelli Foundation, and not least access to the famous Calendar, that always promotes worldwide the company’s image through the celebration of female beauty.

100% Responsive

The website has been designed with the goal to make it 100% responsive, compatible with any type of device: smartphone, tablet, desktop. The user-friendly graphical interface provides an intuitive and easy navigation, allowing the user to move easily between the pages of the catalogue and make purchases in a few simple steps.

AEFFE Lab Portfolio Pirelli PZero Responsive Design