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E-Commerce: opportunity or threat for retail?

According to the Multichannel Observatory, 2 Italians out of 3 purchase online and the shopping experience increasingly integrates online and offline. AEFFE Lab answers the questions of eBusiness, the special of Fashion Magazine, offering tips to create successful e-commerce through tailor-made solutions.



The omnichannel era is unstoppable. The consumer no longer distinguishes between physical sales point and e-commerce: 35,5 million Italians are now multi-channel individuals (+7% compared to 2017) and for them digital transformation has a fundamental role in the shopping experience. These are the latest data from the Multichannel Observatory promoted by the School of Management of the Milan Polytechnic and Nielsen. In fashion, the need is even more abvious, as the percentage of consumers who prefer to buy online continues to grow.

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It is no longer possible to think of e-commerce as a challenge: companies must seize the opportunity and aim for a digital presence with a multi-channel approach. AEFFE Lab, a digital agency with a strong expertise in fashion e-commerce, highlights the lights and shade of the digital transformation process for companies.

Angela Boggian, founder of AEFFE Lab and engineer, shows how to face the specific characteristics of fashion world: “The omnichannel vision shouls take into account of the needs of the different companies (wholesale b2b and retail b2c) and the complexity of fashion product where an infinite number of variables come into play. We need to find a tailor-made solution to each single company’s needs: outsourcing, insourcing or a hybrid. It is also necessary to choose and integrate a variety of platforms.” This is where it gets interesting: the opportunities of digital transformation are endless and it can be easy to lose focus among the available technologies, if you do not rely on safe hands that know the means and objectives. “What is useful for a company could become counterproductive for another – says Angela – There is no unique strategy to achieve success, but must be studied for each customer”.

The digital challenge requires competence but also a bit of emotion to fully understand the business needs on the one hand and identify with the consumer on the other. Fabio Genovese, Web Developer and Founder of AEFFE Lab, explains: “We are all experienced in the fashion world and we can analyze the business at 360 degrees to identify the best solution to grow companies. We are able to anticipate customer’s requests and understand their needs, both online and offline. For this reason we do not just propose technological solutions: we put ourselves in the shoes of the company we work with and it is natural to offer them tips and tricks of the trade, which go beyond the offered product ”.

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Digital Marketing AND MULTICHANNEL

According to the Multichannel Observatory, the purchase process becomes more and more complex and the gap between those who seek information offline and buy online (48% of multichannel individuals) and those who look for news online and buy offline (53%) is reducing, demonstrating the synergic use of all the channels.

It is essential to use a holistic approach to digital business – says Antonella Fontebasso, Digital Marketing Specialist and Founder of AEFFE Lab – If you want to intercept the consumer in his purchase path, it is not enough to manage well all the steps of e-commerce B2B and B2C. We must experience with all the levers of Digital Marketing to increase sales, rely on Business Intelligence to act supported by data, use Retail Expertise andIdentity Design to create a multi-channel path and involve the consumer through Visual Storytelling. Only by integrating these activities, the shopping experience net can be closed.”

Nowadays consumer is changing fast from a digital point of view, brands must accelerate their transformation by renewing the purchasing experience offered to their customers, to make them effective and personalized. And so there will be no more doubt on the great opportunity represented by digital transformation, online and offline.


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