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J.E.M: a new luxury women’s shoe label launches from the heart of Italy’s artisanal shoemaking region

J.E.M, the name evokes a rare find, a precious element, which is just what this new high-end women’s shoe brand aims to be. Available only online through its flagship e-commerce, www.jemshoes.com, its shoes are produced according to the oldest craft traditions handed down from generation to generation in the heart of Italy’s artisanal shoemaking region, Marche, synonymous for quality and excellence. The brand’s goal is to create shoes that are elegant and a delight to wear and to behold.

The name J.E.M is actually an acronym and a motto at the same time, meaning Joy Every Moment which is exactly what the brand’s mission is, bringing together style, elegance and refinement with design, quality and comfort. The chosen talisman is the gorilla, a majestic primate which symbolizes wisdom, inner strength, self-confidence and nobility, full of energy.

The Premier Debut collection is a pair of shoes for every occasion, to make every moment special and unique, the Nineteen Moments of Joy Limited Edition: 19 footwear styles including sandals, ankle boots, décolleté, mules and a pair of cuissardes. J.E.M collections masterfully combine the refinement of quality materials combined with the accuracy of the finishing and the attention to details are an expression of love for style, elegance and craftsmanship as well as a guarantee of high quality standards.

The philosophy of the brand is also based on exclusivity: J.E.M shoes are niche products, original and unique footwear, artisan-made, destined to a few exclusive customers and currently available only online through its e-store, which reflects the refined and sophisticated style of the brand. Alongside, J.E.M foresees a path of international expansion with the opening of a few and carefully selected mono-brand boutiques in the most sought-after shopping streets in the world’s main capital cities, first and foremost Paris.

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