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Google AdWords vs Facebook Ads

Google AdWords or Facebook ADS? Both tools are useful for promoting an online business and should be contemplated within a digital marketing strategy.

Before investing on one or the other, however, you should define your goals. What results would you like to get with online advertising? Increase brand visibility, drive traffic to the site, acquire new contacts, sell a product or service?

And above all you have to ask yourself whether you expect a short or long-term outcome. In the first case, the most appropriate tool will be Google AdWords, which catch the effective demand; in the second one, the proper tool will be Facebook, which intercepts the latent demand. But let’s see what that means …

Faceboook Ads for the latent demand

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The latent demand is that segment of the market that is not yet interested in your products, the potential target customers who do not need now to buy what your company is offering but it’s just a matter of time: you can not know when, but sooner or later they will be inclined to buy.

Social networks, first of all Facebook, are the perfect places where you can intercept latent demand, because they provide advanced public profiling tools. By targeting Facebook ADS audience, you can segment your target by age, gender, and geographic area; you can include fans of your competitors’ pages or readers of certain social magazines on the social network. You can reach users of a specific niche market that are not looking for but may soon be interested in what you do.

Facebook ADS is therefore perfect for branding campaigns, because it aims to gain visibility for a certain brand, to increase users’ awareness and to create demand. Obviously, the return will be slow because Facebook ADS intercepts users that are far away from conversion.

Google AdWords for the effective demand

The effective demand is generated by those users who already know what they need to meet their requirements, the warm customers who are already in the stage of awareness and consideration. They do not know your brand and have not come into contact with your company yet, but are looking for a specific product provided by one or more companies, they look for specific product features by comparing several online or offline offers.

Search engines, especially Google, are the most suitable places to catch the effective demand. Users who search something on Google are looking for a response to their needs, so they are very close to conversion. An AdWords campaign allows you to post ads responding to a clear and precise request from users who are already interested in a specific product, and so you can get immediate results.

Google AdWords intercepts potential customers who have already decided that they need a particular product and are looking for potential suppliers that can meet their needs. However, it may also be useful in the step of knowledge and interest to catch the latent demand. Like Facebook ADS, AdWords campaigns, through the publication of banners on industry sites and portals, allow you to create brand awareness and launch new products on the web.

Facebook ADS or Google Adwords

Coming back to the initial question, whether to choose Facebook Ads or Google AdWords, we answer that it depends on both the brand’s reputation and the goals.

And what is your favorite tool for online advertising?